Updated 28th February 2019


What is health data interoperability?

Interoperability refers to the standards that make it possible for different electoronic health-record systems (EHR) to exchange information between different providers. In principle, it should offer better workflows, reduced ambiguity and improves the quality of care by making the correct data available at the right time for the health prviders to make the best decision.

Why health data interoperability is important?

Health data interoperability is very important because it ensures that healthcare providers such as doctors, surgeons will have the information that they need available to them in the right time in order to provide accurate decisions about health care. This would improve the quality of care, reduce mistakes, minimise delays and reduce healthcare cost.

What is MyData App ?

MyData App is the first blockchain powered, patient-centred health information exchange app that allows patient to be in control when sharing health records and other wellbeing informations with various providers.

Do you store health records?

No. Our platforms and services provide secure access and exchange platforms to health records. Apart from the essenital information which is required for registration and identity verification we do not hold any health records. The health records will be securely stored in where they should be (with the relevant health providers and their chosen vendors)

Is there any charge for downloading "MyData App"?

No. The app is entirely free and will remain so.